Our sense of responsibility for the environment and our strategic corporate direction for the future are both reflected in the 1-kilometre-long eco-natural trail that winds its way around almost all the production and warehousing facilities on the Haßmersheim site, distributed across several halls. The eco-natural trail is fringed by a total of eleven stations: two wild hedgerows, a wild meadow, a lake biotope, an insect and amphibian castle, a domicile for kestrels, a bat colony, a rainwater collection tank, a wetland biotope, a meadow with fruit trees and even a complex for tawny owls. Our aspiration to active nature and environment conservation, which goes back more than 30 years, has thus found concrete expression for the first time.

Efficient, versatile and environmentally-friendly products are manufactured by us in an environment which has been shown to be ecologically balanced. More than 2,000 animals and 4,000 plants show that the environment and the soil around the company grounds are intact and that our daily activities are carried out in harmony with nature.


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